Our company was inspired by Noodle and Rex, our Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Noodle is 1 years old and Rex is 8 years old. When our fur mom was in-between careers, she pursued her passion by starting this company. We are a family of dog lovers who strive to bring happiness to your home with our products.

Welcome to our dog company! We are a family who share a common love for dogs. Our mission is to provide the best products for your furry friend, whether it's accessories or gear.

We believe that dogs are more than just pets; they're family members who bring joy and unconditional love into our lives. That's why we strive to provide products that cater to their every need, from the most basic necessities to the most innovative and fun accessories.

At our dog company, we understand that every dog is unique, which is why we offer a wide range of products to suit different breeds, sizes, and ages. Whether your dog is a puppy, an adult, or a senior, we have something for everyone.

We take pride in our commitment to excellence, and we stand behind our products with a satisfaction guarantee. So, if you're looking for a company that truly cares about dogs and their owners, look no further than us. Thank you for choosing our dog company, and we look forward to serving you and your furry friend!